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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a mediator?

The Indiana Supreme Court has established rules regarding the qualification and service of mediators who are listed on the Mediator Registry of the Court. There is a difference in the qualification of civil mediators (who must generally be attorneys in good standing in the State of Indiana) and domestic relations mediators (who must be college graduates). The rules also provide that a mediator must have 40 hours of relevant mediation training to be listed on the Court’s Registry. See the official language in rule 2.5, sections A and B.


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What do I need to do to maintain my status on the Supreme Court registry?

A mediator wishing to continue to be listed on the registry with the Indiana Supreme Court has to complete 6.0 hours of continuing mediation education requirements every 3 years, as described here in rule 2.5, section C.


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Can I mediate a case without being on the Indiana Supreme Court Registry?

Yes, if the parties agree, they can select any mediator to handle their dispute. However, if the matter is in a court, the judge will have to approve the mediator selected by the parties or by their attorneys.


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