Mediation Conference
Conference Materials

You’ll find all the materials you need for the 13th Annual Virtual Midwest Mediation Conference below.

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Friday, November 3rd

Saturday, November 4th

Conference Handouts

Discovering Your Strengths

Before Day 1, Take the test and bring the results:

  1. Take the Free High5 Strengths Test for Individuals
  2. Be ready to read the Long Description of your #1 Strength.
  3. How would using these strengths in mediation help you be a more effective mediator?

Strategic Email Drafting

client request for mediation

Jovana’s Request for Mediation

Strategy Breakdown

mediation strategies

20 Effective Mediator Strategies

Optional Video Lectures

Michael leads this in-depth discussion for newer family mediators seeking to understand how to raise and strategically facilitate discussion of parenting plan issues: Parenting Plan: Issues, Options, Considerations (3 hours)

Karen leads this overview for mediators to begin understanding mindfulness concepts and how they apply to mediation: Mindfulness in Mediation (36 minutes)

Conference Attendance Certification Form


Conference Attendance Certification Form

Message from the APFM

See the video below for a brief message from the president of the APFM about additional opportunities you may be interested in.

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