Victor D. Quintanilla, Director of the Center for Law, Society and Culture and Amy G. Applegate, Director of the Viola J. Taliaferro Family and Children Mediation Clinic, both at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law, approached the IAM — through Kim Van Valer & Marla Hylton — for participation in a ground breaking study of the use of mediation in Indiana trial courts. Of particular interest for the study was the view of judges, attorneys and litigants toward mediation and its benefit in the resolution of family disputes thus preventing parents and children from having to be involved in the prolonged and adversarial court process. The IAM provided guidance in survey content and direction toward essential study participants – particularly non-attorney mediators who were not otherwise reached for participation.

The Indianapolis Bar Association requested IAM representation in a panel discussion of mediation for its Annual Conference. Marla Hylton and Jim Johnson (both non-attorney mediators) represented the IAM on the panel which included judges, attorneys and mediators.

Former Indiana Chief Justice Brent Dickson appointed an Alternative Dispute Resolution Task Force, chaired by Judge David Avery to consider and propose changes to the current Indiana Rules of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Significant revisions were in reference to confidentiality (again affirming the IAM’s strong position in favor), and protections for identified victims of domestic violence. The IAM was well represented in this process by Past IAM Presidents Kim Van Valer and Ann Thrasher and by IAM Member Andrea Ciobanu.

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